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5 Green Beauty Instagram Accounts

30. September 2017
Top 5 Green Beauty Instagram Accounts

Wenn ihr euch mit “Green Beauty” beschäftigen wollt, solltet ihr euch als allererstes die Frage stellen: “Worauf muss ich bei einem Kauf von Kosmetika achten?”. Natürlich gibt es darauf nicht nur eine Antwort. Unter “Green Beauty” fallen mehrere Punkte, die ihr beachten solltet. Zum Beispiel vegane Produkte, hormonfreie oder nachhaltige Kosmetik und plastikfreie Produkte. Ich stelle euch in diesem Artikel 5 Green Beauty Instagram Accounts vor, denen ihr unbedingt folgen solltet, falls euch dieses Thema interessiert oder ihr gerade anfangt, euch damit zu beschäftigen.

Ich bin auch erst Anfang des Jahres auf Naturkosmetik umgestiegen. Bei mir waren die Gründe vor allem, dass ich keine Kosmetika mit Tierversuchen und Hormonen mehr verwenden wollte. Als ich mich etwas mehr mit dem Thema beschäftigt habe, bin ich dann auf diese Instagrammerinen gestoßen und möchte euch diese nun weiter empfehlen. Sie sind teilweise auch Bloggerinnen und haben ihren Fokus vor allem auf Green Makeup, Körper- & Gesichts- sowie Haarpflege, schreiben zum Teil aber auch über einen gesunden und nachhaltigen Lebenstil, Yoga und nachhaltiges Reisen. Es lohnt sich also auf jeden Fall mal bei ihnen vorbeizuschauen und sich Anregungen und Tipps zu holen!



Britanie ist Bloggerin, Fotografin, Green Makeup Artist und Fashion- & Vintagelover. Sie schreibt über Rezepte, Tipps, Produktvorstellungen, Lifestyle, Makeup-Looks und Fashion.

✨? The less I worry about what people think, the more confident I feel. It seems so simple to just not let opinions get the best of you – but it can be hard now with social media and there being a multitude of ways to express your feelings towards another person just through typing. I also think we see "perfect" looking images so much online (especially Instagram) and wonder why we are not like that or what we could do to be more like that (newsflash: nothing and no one is perfect. ever.) or someone else and we forget that we are all individuals full of our own unique magic and we ALL have something to offer the world. this is free-form writing right now, it was not well thought out but I just hope more people can be comfortable with being themselves and embracing every single thing that makes you YOU. that's all ✌???? #myunicornlife

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Sie ist eine Reiseliebhaberin, Green Beauty Bloggerin und Yoga Lehrerin. Sie schreibt über Makeup, Pflege von Haar und Körper, Rezepte, Wellness, Yoga und nachhaltiges Reisen.

Trying to get your man into #natural self care? @brooshampoo is the mastermind behind bringing Craft Beer to your haircare routine. With all products made in the USA, and all-natural (they're free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, polyquaterniums, phenoxyethanol and propylene glycol). The formula is based on its main ingredient: all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer. The malted barley in beer is brimming with B vitamins, proteins, and minerals – good for shiny and strong hair. In the brewing process, malted barley releases B vitamins and proteins that nourish and condition hair, while hops flowers express their anti-oxidant rich essential oils and toning/astringent properties which work to fight off "hair pollution." #BRÖÖ #broohaircare #broocraftbeer

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Sie beschreibt sich selbst als Tagträumerin, Organic Beauty Bloggerin, Katzenmama, Reisende und Blumenliebhaberin. Ihre Themen sind Pflege von Haar, Gesicht und Körper, Männerprodukte und Makeup.

I rarely post selfies, but I'm sooo happy to have my hair short again that I could not resist snapping a few pics ?

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Katey ist Makeup-Artistin und Green Beauty Expertin. Bei ihr kriegt ihr auch immer einen kleinen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Promis.

HOW DO YOU GLOW? ✨So many of you have asked me how I create the different glowy skin looks I often feature on my clients. Not all glow is the same, that's for sure. I figured I could best explain it for you through images of one of the glowiest clients I've ever known: #AmberHeard. For this first look on Amber, I wanted to give her a satiny glow, which is very different than a shiny or a shimmery glow. It's more of that 'lit from within', very soft, translucent look. When done with a light touch, it can be an every day look, but when done the way I did it here, it's really reserved for evening, and special occasions. So this is how I do it: ? Step #1: On clean, slightly damp skin, if you're feeling dry in the slightest, apply a few drops of your favorite face oil to your face, neck, + chest. Then, sparingly, take a small amount of your favorite balm into your palm (reference the balm I posted about earlier this week, or any of the other great non-toxic balms out there), and mix in a touch of liquid, or a small amount of cream or powder highlighter WITHOUT OBVIOUS PARTICLES OF GLITTER that is pretty much the same shade as your skin tone. This ratio of this mixture can change every time you create it, based on just how glowy you want to be. Step #2: Apply the thoroughly mixed balm/ highlight to all bare skin. Start with your shoulders and arms, neck and chest, if they're going to show. Please take these steps so that you aren't a big glowy face attached to a matte body. Step #3: What's left on your hands (and there should be just a small amount left) is what you're then going to press and massage onto your entire face. Step #4: If you're oily, press oil blotting papers into your skin, focusing on forehead, nose, and the areas to the right and left of your nose. Step #5: now you can work on whatever other makeup you're going to apply, and when you're done, stand back from the mirror – IN GOOD LIGHT – and determine if you need to add just a touch more highlight to the top of your cheekbones or collarbone. Step #6: Glow out on the town! ⭐️✨⚡️Up next: the strategically placed, flat shimmer highlight. ⚡️✨⭐️ . #makeuptutorial #highlighter #glowingskin

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Amanda ist eine Organic Beauty Bloggerin auf einer bestimmten Mission. Sie will allen zeigen, dass ein nachhaltiger Lebensstil trotzdem glamorös sein kann!

Did you know that to get the most out of your Kypris skin care routine, adding a {Beauty Elixir} is ideal for maximum penetration and performance!? ✨ . Packed full of collagen boosting Vitamin C ester, free radical quenching CoQ10, and essential fatty acids like Sunflower Seed Oil, this beauty oil truly is my favorite on the market to soften, tone, firm moisturize to leave my skin firmer and glowing fresh after each application. Not sure which Beauty Elixir you are? It's simple! ?? . Beauty Elixir I- Very dry skin. Beauty Elixir II- Combo skin. Beauty Elixir III- Super sensitive skin. . Want to learn more about these elixirs? Head on over to my online store where I carry the full Kypris collection now! {Link in Bio} ?

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Könnt ihr noch ein paar Green Beauty Accounts empfehlen oder kennt ihr die oben genannten vielleicht schon?

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